From the recording Hello Paul Jesse, Pt. II

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Way Out (feat, Pirli)

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Plugged in
No alternative
Plugged in
But I'm not staying in
I know a way out
I can show you the way out
It's over your head
I hope not, can I stand out?

Why don't we stay vibrant
Even when they tell us all to hide it, hide it
I just wanna be myself
I just wanna feel something
I can't even try to
Imagine that I am really vital, vital
I just wanna feel the waves
Crashing on my fingertip
Representing violence
They ignore the cries and give you silence, silence
I wish they could feel the pain
Of living in this everyday
I am not the pilot
I am just a pawn, no I'm not righteous, righteous
I just wanna free myself